6 Irish companies committed to a green future

  1. Cityswift- They are contributing to a greener future by using their original data technologies to improve public transportation. CitySwift’s technology is already being used to anticipate the transition from diesel buses to 100% electric. Cityswift plan to use their data to inform electric bus route planning among other ideas.

  2. Davra- This company helps companies to use the power of IoT. IoT stands for Internet of Things. IoT provides businesses and people better insight into and control over objects and environments that are currently beyond the reach of the internet. Its Application Enablement Platform is the chosen AWS for companies such as Dell and Cisco. Irish water uses Davra's data to monitor pipes and prevent the loss of million of litres of water through leaks.

  3. Ecocem- Sustainability is at the core of Ecocem's business. Ecocem manufactures ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS). It is a low carbon alternative to cement which produces up to 800 kg. The production of Ecocem GGBS avoids quarry extraction of natural materials. Along with their new patented accelerant to speed up the drying process, Ecocem's approach is complete and coherent.

  4. Hanley Energy- Hanley Energy uses it's software and technology to monitor energy and find good solutions to energy management problems. Hanley uses it's tech to track, analyse and identify problems with the energy usage of a business. This information allows solutions for efficiency to appear.

  5. BWG- BWG was the first FMCG group in Ireland to invest in biogas powered vehicles as part of their ambitious sustainability strategy. BWG also deliver food waste from their natural distribution centre to the biogas production site in Nurney, County Kildare. The carbon emissions released are significantly lower due to these changes. These are just a few of the changes the retail and wholesale company has made for a greener future for Ireland.

  6. OceanEnergy- OceanEnergy is one of the most innovative companies in the renewable energy industry. Wave energy is an are of untapped potential and OcenEnergy have developed technology that allows them to harness the untapped potential of our ocean. Their technology floats on the surface of the ocean and absorbs energy from ocean waves to generate to create air power. This air then rotates their turbine to create electricity. A complete environmentally friendly method of creating electricity. With the backing of the SEAI we hope to see OceanEnergy continue to look towards a green future.

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